bio I shoot different pictures and make good design. sometimes I think less and feel more. I like to get inspired and am enjoying it. I am not quite perfect, but therefore I am honest. I do not like to compromise, but I act distinctively and concerted. loving what I do and I am doing good. I follow the passion and do not commerce.

from the very first the venture was dedicated to enjoy work, to do a good job and to make some kind of profit. for the recent ten years, many projects have been completed successfully. clients came, went and stayed. reliable vendors, partners and marvelous friends joined our paths. the mission is to work together with smart, creative clients, on projects, large and small, to envelope and to produce idea-driven solutions that engage, enrich and resonate.

I believe in hard work, collaboration and positive energy. I enjoy getting people to relax in front of the camera and relate well to all age groups and walks of life. I enjoy very much shooting action sports and personal projects that allow me to experiment and shoot for myself.